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February 11, 2013
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Your P.O.V.

  'OH MY GOD I JUST HIT A GUY IN THE HEAD WITH A FRYING PAN,WHY WAS HE IN HERE OH MY GOD,WHAT IF MOTHER GETS BACK AND SEES-' "If mother sees this she'll know I can  take care of myself!This is perfect! Gilbird isn't this just perfect!" Gilbird peeped,but it sounded frightened like '(Name)!What are we going to do,you just knocked out a strange man that somehow got into the tower with out your help!This is not perfect!' all in one peep, "Oh whatever Gilbird! I can handle this! I'll hide him in the coat wardrobe and when mother comes back I'll show him and know I can handle myself and I go see the lanterns!" You tried to drag the albino man into the closet. He was really heavy! He wasn't fat,not even a little he extremely toned muscles that you could see through his shirt,making you look away and blush,which made Gilbird give a peep of enjoyment at your embarrassment.

 You finally dragged him into the cramped wardrobe,where he was sitting at an awkward angle with his head against one wall and his feet almost touching the ceiling on the another wall. "Oh (Name)~ I'm back!" "Perfect timing!" You whispered to Gilbird as he hid in a hole in one of the stairs. "Coming mother~" You swung your extremely long hair around the hook and let it drape down to the ground as your mother made a footstep and you helped her up to the window. "I have a surprise for you (Name)! I bet you'll be surprised!" "I bet mine is better" you mumbled to yourself. She reached the window,sat herself onto the window sill and dramatically swung out her arms to a little ta-da move. "I got all the ingredients to make you (favorite home-cooked meal! Your favorite darling!" You joyfully clamped,that was your favorite meal,but still you a much better surprise."I have a surprise too mother!" She gave you a curious look, "Is this about the stars?" "Lanterns! And I'll get to that soon!" "(Name)-" "So you said earlier that you believed that I couldn't handle myself in the outside world-" "Because you can't" "Yes! But I think this will show you-" "(NAME)" "That I go outside and take care of-" "(NAME) YOU WILL NEVER LEAVE THIS TOWER!EVER!" she screamed, you were almost touching the wardrobe handle. She sighed irritated,"(Name) I'm sorry for yelling but..." she sighed again. You could feel your throat closing up,but you wouldn't let it "You know mother... I don't really NEED to see the lanterns,what about you could get me that paint you brought me once,the ones made out of sea shells..." you said depressed,"Well (Name), that's a long trip,almost three days!" "Please...It'll be better than the lanterns" She sighed once more and smiled,"Fine" she hugged you tightly "I love you so much (Name)" "I love you too mother..."

 You packed her a basket of food and helped her to the ground once again.When she was walking you watched her until you could no longer see her figure any longer. You looked over to the wardrobe and you felt a plan forming in your mind as you smirked. You started to work out your plan.

  Gilbert's P.O.V.

I groggily woke up and my head was throbbing from whatever knocked me out, I tired to move my hands to rub my head to try and aid to the throbbing,but soon found out that my hands and legs were tied to a chair that hair?! I started to try and thrash myself out of whatever was tying me to the chair when I heard a girl's voice."D-Don't try to escape it-it's useless" I turn my head as far as I could,all I could see was long trail of...yeah that was hair, leading up to some rafters and a small female figure holding something with what I'm guessing a bird on her shoulder. I smirked,'A girl, I can take her with just my awesome charm' She slowly slipped from rafter to rafter until she hit the floor, and slowly walked out the shadows and into the light that was coming from the window. She was really cute,I saw that she a small fluffy yellow bird on her shoulder that was trying to look fierce and she was holding a frying pan. 'So she knocked me out/Maybe she'll be tougher than I thought,good thing I'm so dashingly handsome' I smirked,"So you're the one that knocked me out?" She stood up straight,crossed her arms and smirked "Yep" she said trying to act cool. "Well I never knew a cutie like you could something like that?" She lost her cool attitude and blushed bright red,making me smirk again,she was a cutie,it was fun to mess with her. "W-Whatever! But still you won't be leaving this tower with your preciousness satchel anytime soon!" I was shocked I almost forgot about that! I started thrashing to get out of the chair,all I did was move the chair around.She turned the chair around so we were face to face,"Alright cutie,I didn't want to this,but I have no chose except to use on you... The Smolder!"

   I tried to make my eyes seductive and pouted out my lips,she gave me a bored expression and let the chair go,letting my face on my face "I think you broke my smolder" I said in strained painful voice. I saw her easily yank her hair making the chair stand up again. "You won't ever be able to find your satchel unless, you agree to and help me" I raised my eyebrow. She ran upstairs with her long hair trailing behind her and ran up to a wall that was painted with I'm guessing her sitting on a tree looking at stars,no lanterns. "I want you to take me to these-these things!" "You mean the lantern thing they do for the lost princess every year?" " I knew they weren't stars! And yes to the...lanterns, I want you to take me to them, by tomorrow! And be back for the next three days,before my mother gets back" "No" "What?!" "Well me and the kingdom aren't really on equal terms right now,that satchel contains something important to them" "Fine, if you take me to the kingdom and bring me back I won't turn you into the police and I'll give you back your satchel with...whatever is in there" I thought this over, it was a decent deal and traveling with a hot girl for a while wouldn't be too bad, I smirked "Fine,we have a deal" She jumped up and down "Yay!" "Uh..before we leave can you kind of..." I nodded down towards the hair that was tying me to the chair,she blushed "Oh right! I almost forgot!" She un-wrapped her extremely long hair.

 I started to climb down the tower just as I did to get up, I looked up and saw her looking down from the window to the ground uncertain, "Are you coming or not?!" I yelled up to her. Her head disappeared into the tower I saw her hair swing over a hook next to the window and then she jumped down holding her hair like a security rope. I looked down at her as she stopped before she hit the ground,she had some seriously long hair.  

 I finally reached the ground and she was still hanging in mid-air just above the ground and looking at with scared eyes,"Any day now" She glared at with pure rage,she actually looked threatening. She slowly let he r(f/c) dress flow down as her feet cautiously touch the grass.All her hair hit the ground with a loud thump,her eyes got big and so did the smile growing on her face.She started to scream with glee and ran around feeling the water and grass with her feet and hands. "What are you doing?" "I-I've never been outside before!This is amazing!" I was shocked,she'd really never been outside of her tower before? That seems...wrong. "Well  you'll be outside for quiet a while,lets go!" She looked at me,looked at the grass and pouted,but trailed behind me.

 This is going to be a loooong trip. I sighed, I better not get arrested.    
I really like this chapter I hope all of you do too! Please comment and favorite!
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Pokepal5 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2013  Student
Romano would make a awesome Maximus. When i read the title for the first one I was CONVINCED that Ivan would be the mom. Well, I guess thats life. Right Gil?
Me: Alright.... Gil.
Me: Problem? :trollface:
109144 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Pokepal5 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2013  Student
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Can't wait for part 4!
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Ahhh~ i cant wait till he 4 part this story is sooo good😁
Giro-Natsu-4ever Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Now that I think... Maximus can be Romano,?
drpepperbabe Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013
I was thinking about Ludwig,but Romano would be much better at being Maximus
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XD Ok~
Shuru10 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hehe!! I wonder who Maximus will be? O__o :D And the thugs in the bar too? XD I have a feeling the F.A.C.E. family will be there. XD :iconwonderplz:
drpepperbabe Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013
I haven't thought about in the bar yet, so maybe!
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