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February 10, 2013
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Narrative P.O.V.
  You were currently playing with your pet bird Gilbird,even though you were almost 18,you were playing hide and seek. Gilbird would stay with you in the tower that you lived in with your mother Natasha. When your mother was home he would normally hide easily since he was very small. Gilbird always stayed at the tower with you, even though he was a bird you could swear he would give you expressions on reassurance when you needed it, or expression that he understood what you were saying to him, he was like a brother to you,only he was bird.

  You were leaning against the window sill looking for Gilbird, you looked at the small pot of yellow flowers next to the window. You saw his yellow fluffy body trying to blend in with the flowers, you smirked "Oh,I wonder were Gilbird could be?" you said sarcastically. You could've sworn that you saw the little bird smirk. When the small bird was sure you couldn't find him he slowly removed himself from the pot and decided to fly back into the tower,but was met with your smirking face. He gave a loud and surprised peep and pretend to faint,you caught him. "Nice try Gilbird,but I'm the master at this game!" Gilbird fluttered around you're head making you giggle.

 You turned around and walked to the middle of the large main room of the tower. "So Gilbird what should we do now?"  Gilbird popped up from on top of your head and flew to the window sill and pointed with his wing to the outside world. You frowned, "No way. it in here and so do you" Gilbird dramatically fell onto the window sill making you smile and giggle once again. You turned around sighed "I guess I can do my chores before Mother gets home...again" And you began your daily chores.

  You swept the tower,cleaned the dishes,organized the few books you did have, read the said books, painted your wall with little pictures of yourself doing things that you would probably never do like going outside,or smelling the flowers or the newest attention seeing the lanterns that would be in the sky like they were every year on your birthday."You know Gilbird? I'm going to ask her! I'm going to ask mother if I can go outside and see the lights!" Gilbird gave an excited peep and fluttered around you. You finished your chores by finally brushing your 60 foot long hair. Supposedly,from what your mother always told you was that your hair was magical and people would try and cut it and contain it's power,but it would never work and that's the reason why you had a large strand of hair that was darkly colored. That was one of the reasons why you were afraid to go outside.

   "oh (Name)~" You heard your mother call from outside the tower, "One moment mother!" You swung your hair onto the hook the was outside your window, it swayed down to the ground next to your mother,she maid a foot hold out of your hair and you started to pull her up. When she finally got to the window she jumped inside, "Oh thank you (Name)!" "Of course mother!Um...mother?" "Yes dear?" "Well, you know, my birthday is tomorrow and it's a big one too! My 18th birthday... and well I wanted to ask you this on my birthday,well for quiet a lot of birthdays..." you mumbled "Oh please (Name) don't mumble,you know i hate mumbling""Well..uh..." "Before we finish this...conversation (Name) I'm very tired, for know how about I just brush your hair?" " Oh! Yes of course mother!" You quickly grabbed a chair for your mother, a stool for you and a hair brush. Your mother sat down, you shoved the hair brush into her hand and sang quickly "flowercleamandglowletyourpowershinemaketheclockreversebringbackwhatwasonceminehealwhatwashurtchangethefatesdesignsavewhatwaslostbringbackwhatwasonceminewhatwasoncewasmine" You hair glowed and your mother quickly brushed your hair. When a flashed covered her she frowned a looked at you "(Name)!" "Okay mother now I wanted to ask you something a present for my birthday!" "What is it?" she said angrily, "Well," you ran over to the painting you made of yourself on top of tree with your long hair hanging off of it looking up at the lanterns, "I wanted to go see the lanterns,the ones that light up on my birthday!" Your mother sighed and smiled, "You mean the stars" "No! These aren't stars they happen everyday! But these...these only light up on my birthday!" "(Name),the outside world is dangerous! Someone could cut all your beautiful hair and try to steal it's power! Or you could get hurt!" "But mother I can handle myself I almost 18 years old!"she started to laugh, "You? Take care of yourself? On your own? Outside? Right... (Name),how about I just make you your favorite meal> How about that it'd be much easier..." "No! I want to go outside once in my life!" "No, not right now. Maybe next year,now I'm going to leave before I get angry (Name) help me down" You sighed and you did the same routine as helping her up to the tower. You watched her leave and could feel tears forming in your eyes, you felt Gilbird's soft head nuzzle your cheek,you giggle and wearily smiled "Thanks Gilbird,you always know how to cheer my up" and you walked back into the room wiping tears from your eyes.

  Gilbert's P.O.V.

   I was currently running away from armed guards on horse with two other men. We had just stolen the crown that was supposedly meant for the lost princess for if she ever returned. Anyways,my name is Gilbert Beilshcimdt, I don't like my name so I tell most people it's Flynn Rider. The name is from this awesome book I used to read when I was just a lonely kid in a orphanage. To spare you from THAT sob story, let's get back to our current one. The other men I was running with had names way too confusing to pronounce,they're like Nordic or something, so I call them Swed and Dan. Swed is tall extremely buff cleanly cut blonde guy that barely talks and when he does I can barely understand it since he doesn't say complete words.Dan is a dirty blonde guy with a Mohawk and is almost as cocky as me...almost.

 We were jumping over a bush as the guards were riding on horses after us. We got fairly far away from them when I stopped, I saw wanted posters. I stopped as they kept running until they didn't see me behind them "Flynn! What the hell are you doing?!" I was staring at the posters,they were both drawings of us. One was of Dan and Swed and it was almost exact, then there was one of me and everything was perfect expect they gave me a giant crooked nose. "What?! How dare they draw me so unawesomly?! I mean they can't my nose right ever!And you guys look amazing!" "Whatever let's go-" We all heard horses hurried footsteps getting closer by the second. "Come on Flynn!By the time we get paid for this you'll be able to get giant portraits of yourself let's go!" Dan yelled "Fine whatever!" We reached the small cliff,"Alright looks like I'll have to get on your shoulders" "Oka...but firt giv us da satchel" Swed mumbled out "What!I'm really hurt you'd think I would steal it all for myself" they gave me expression saying 'dude,just give us the satchel" I sighed and handed Dan the satchel containing the crown. They got onto each others shoulders and I climbed up on to the cliff,"Alright now help us up Flynn" "Sorry guys," I pulled out the satchel I had before still containing the crown, I stole it as I was climbing, I smirked "I've got better priorities" They both look shocked and as I quickly ran away I heard them yell "RIIIIDER!!"

   I smirked all the way as I was running away. Idiots. I got to a clearing before I heard more horse footsteps  and turned around to see the head guard's horse on top of the hill right behind me. It looked enraged,if a horse could look enraged. It's eyes darted towards my satchel and it angrily huffed and tried to snatch the satchel out of my hands "Wow! No way!" I ran away and could hear the horse right behind me. I almost lost the horse until I got to a cliff that was VERY high up from the ground. I almost fell,luckily stopped but the satchel was flung onto a branch sticking out of the cliff. I turned around to see the horse, I slowly walked on to the large branch as well did the horse. Just before I could get the satchel the horse and i were fully on the branch and I heard a few cracking sounds and we started to plummet to the ground. I was screaming and the horse was frighteningly whinnying.

 We hit the ground hard,but luckily I landed in a large bush. I could hear the horse huffing and it's steps getting closer and closer to me. I turned around and saw a cave covered in long leaves, I ran into it just as the horse reached the bush that I had landed in. I turned around and saw sunlight and a large valley surrounded by other cliffs. I quietly walked into the valley and saw a large tower. I saw a lot of the stones that made the tower were sticking out,probably for who used to live here to reach the top. The tower was covered in vines almost all the way to the top. I looked up and saw that the window was open,but didn't hear any noise,so I decided to climb it.

  When I finally reached the top of the tower, I jumped through the open window into a large room, that had a small kitchen and sitting area inside of it. 'Kind of cozy,maybe I'll come back here to relax when I rich' I smirked and looked inside the satchel and saw that the crown was still safely inside, "Finally I can relax-" Then something hit my head extremely hard,the last thing I felt was a giant pain and then everything went black.      

Here's chapter 2! I finally did it! And now Gilbert/Flynn is in it!
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Andi-chin Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I think that both Dan and Gil both fit Flynn
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Me: Okay.... Gil.
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You're avatar scares me, but I love this story so much. *knows the whole movie by heart because brothers*
Shuru10 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
OHMAHGAWD. Gilbert's P.O.V. is HI- LARIOUS!! XD :icondignitylaughplz:

And yay!! The Nordics!!~ :D :iconyayswedenplz: :iconyeydenmarkplz:

Great, now I have even burlier images of those 2 in my mind. XD :iconlaughingplz:
drpepperbabe Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013
thank you I tried to make Gilbert as funny as Flynn in the movie I guess I did pretty good!
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oh goodness its epic.
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thank you! :iconblushplz:
saiwolfseye Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013
your welcome. btw i like your avatar, is it a cot or a dog?
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