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February 4, 2013
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Your P.O.V.
 I woke slowly woke up with a beam of light hitting my face,when I realized it was the day that I would get to spend with Gilbert all by myself I jumped out of bed and burst through the door starling Sophie "Oh dear!Y-Your awake!You must be excited to spend the day with Master Gilbert!" I nodded and smiled at her pointing to my room signaling her to help me get dressed,"Oh! Oh yes! I'll help you get ready!" She quickly walked in with me behind her as I closed the door and started to get undressed as she picked out a dress.

 Gilbert P.O.V.
  I was patiently waiting for the girl to walk down the stairs. I don't know why,but I was extremely nervous I didn't get to spend a whole day alone with a girl I didn't know at least not girls who weren't girls from neighboring countries. I heard Sophie clear her throat and looked that way and instantly being stunned. She walked down with her (h/l) hair in a ponytail and at the top of the ponytail and big bow that matched her (f/c) and black dress, she walked up to me smiling and blushing as was I just as brightly probably. Arthur walked us to our carriage, I helped her in first and walked around to the other side and got in myself. "Alright be safe, and be careful with her,she doesn't need anymore trauma alright?" "Yes,Yes, don't worry Arthur,I'll be careful!" I said reassuring him. We smiled at each,then I smiled at her and I started to ride off into the town.

  When we reached town I gently helped her down out the carriage with my hands on her waist,when she was down we looked into each others eyes and started to lean towards each other,she was so amazing. Even if she was a mute I felt like we didn't need words. Before we kissed I pulled away blushing, I saw her put her lips with disappointment in her eyes. I walked away with on my side, I decided to hold her hand so she wouldn't get lost because if she did even if she was near by if I yelled for her she couldn't answer me and I didn't know her name . We walked through the medium sized village that was having a type of summer festival,they were dancing in the town square and I'm guessing none of the towns folk knew that I was actually the prince because the both of us were quickly pulled into,me by a pretty girl with green eyes freckles and almost black brown hair. And her by a man about my age with shoulder length clean wavy blonde hair and indigo  eyes,she was blushing and looking at me to see if it was okay "Go!Have fun!Relax start feeling better!" She looked at me and then let her self be pulled into a close dance with the man. She was blushing bright red trying to avoid his eyes while he was smiling. I felt...jealous I don't know why,but I did also I didn't trust him either,the way he was smiling and looking at her didn't sit right with me,but it was quickly put off by the pretty girl I was dancing with i was trying to act charming enough to be polite,but not enough that she found out I was a royal.

About half an hour later the crowd of dancing broke apart and the towns people went off to other festival activities, I started to get worried, I couldn't find her I started to look for her, I heard a loud slapping sound and saw her running around looking for me with small tears in her eyes. I ran up to her "Hey!What happened?" I asked worriedly she was silently crying and looked at me then pointed to her chest and lips and shook her head. I instantly knew that the man that was dancing with her had tried to harm her by groping her and trying to kiss her,she buried her face into my head started to cry I frowned I really hated it when girls cried. I wrapped her in my arms and started to smooth down her hair trying to soothe her "Shh,Shh don't worry as long as you're in my care I'll never let something like that happen to you again, I should have never let you dance with him in the first place,I'm sorry" I felt her stop crying she looked up at with a flushed face and smiled,nodded. I smiled down at her, "Come on, I have an idea that'll help you calm down." She looked at me curiously and smiled and grabbed her hand and walked her back to the carriage and helped her back in then started to ride off to the small pond near by.

 Your P.O.V.
I was still pretty upset from that pervert trying to kiss me and groping me!but luckily Gilbert was wonderful as always and calmed me down.Also he was taking me to a surprise! I was so excited wondering what it could be! Soon the sun went down and we reached a pond. I started to bounce with glee even though I'd lived in it my entire life until this point I was so happy to see the water again even if it wasn't the ocean it was close enough! "Wait here,I'll be back" and Gilbert walked off, he walked away until I couldn't see him I looked back to the water and saw my sisters, if I could gasp I probably would have. "So...? Did you guys kiss?" I shook my head and put my fingers close together telling them 'Not yet,but almost' they all flattened with disappointment, I slowly got out of the big wooden thingy and wrote as best i could in the sand I didn't write or read much so I didn't know how to very well, I wrote'We almost did,something bad happened and know were here for a surprise so he can make me feel better' they slowly read the bad handwritten note and smiled "Good!Good! Soon you'll be with your true love!" Katyushka put her arms up in the air at the 'true love' I blushed,but realized something and quickly erased the previous message and quickly wrote another one 'He doesn't even know my name!And he needs to know my real name!' They read it and frowned,Lily thought for a second then spoke "Wait! We can help you with that!We can follow you guys and if does as for your name, you'll make him guess and as he's guessing we can whisper you're name and make him think he thought of it himself!" I nodded and clapped until I heard a few splashed coming towards us I waved my hands telling them to leave quickly and jumped in the wooden thingy again.

 I saw Gilbert slowly rowing towards me in a small boat, he got out and walked up to me "Come on, this will help us get to your surprise" He gently grabbed my waist and helped me down, and held my hand and into the small boat,then got in himself across from me and started to row. I looked into the water and saw three large fins knowing it was my sisters following us,Gilbert looked into the water "Wow the fish are big here,maybe we'll go fishing later" my eyes grew and violently shook my head and hands, he laughed "Okay,okay I see you don't like fish" I shook my head again and continued to laugh.

 We slowly got to a large tree that was growing out of the water with long branches and leaves that drew into the water making a giant curtain around the tree. Gilbert stopped rowing even as the current kept us going and parted the leaves to make us an opening. When we got in to the inside of all the leaves we were surrounded making the sunset look even more beautiful, I heard so many different bird and other animal cries most that I didn't recognize. I repeatedly turned my head and smiled trying to find the animal that made each sound, when I sat down on the boat I saw Gilbert looking at me with a distant look on his face,smiling. He realized I was looking back at him and blush bright red like his eyes.

"So I can't believe I haven't tried to figure out, but I want to know you're name" I smiled and nodded "Okay,let me guess.. (1st fake name)?" I shook my head "(2nd fake name)?" I shook me head again "um...(3rd fake name)" I frowned shook my head and my hand on the water signally my sisters to come up.They kept close to the water and started to whisper my name Gilbert looked confused and looked at the water, thankfully they went underwater "Is it (Name)?" I smiled and nodded joyfully"Really? That's...that's a really pretty name,(Name) I like that" I blushed and looked away. I saw my sisters wink at me and go underwater and start swimming back home. Gilbert gently turned my face towards his and was smiling, "You should be proud for what you are,you're beautiful...(Name)" I smiled and blushed even more,we both started to look into each others eyes. I could feel he was instinctively,slowly but gently pulling me towards himself,both our eyes slowly closed and our faces started to get closer and closer together, just before our lips met the boat spontaneously flipped over dumping the both of us into the water. We both burst out gasping,"(Name)! Are you okay?" I nodded and we flipped the boat back over "Come on it's late,lets get back to the castle" I pouted,but nodded. We were so close! Again! but he was right it was late I was starting to get tired.

 Ivan's P.O.V.
He looked into mist ball in front of him, his pet eels had just tipped over the boat of the daughter of the king he was trying to over through "Good job boys!" he  said to them through their minds, "That was too close we can't have her kiss him! If she does my plans will be ruined!"                                  

Here it is ! I tried to make it long enough since all the other ones have been really short! I hope you like it! And I love favorites and comments!
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