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January 24, 2013
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   I swam to my secret cave where I kept all the cool stuff I found. It was spiral cave that was so tall it almost touched out above the surface of the water. It was far enough from the beach that the humans wouldn't swim and find it,but close enough that I popped my had out of water that I could see and hear humans playing and laughing on the beach. I had my bag with the few things I found at the sunken ship. I looked around to make sure no one was following me and swam into the cave. I took out the medal rods and put them in piles of other ones I had found. I took out the map and swam to the top and put it by itself since I had never found one before.

   I looked up at saw the bright blue sky and the sun in the middle of it telling me it was midday. I had sudden urge to rush out the water and feel the sun on my face. So I did, I swam to the bottom of the cave, positioned my self for a moment and then torpedo up and through the hole of the cave and out of the water and doing a cute little twirl before hitting the water again.

  I put my hair behind my head to get it out my eyes, I looked out the beach and I saw Gilbert looking towards me, I gasped and lowered myself just so my eyes were above the water. I looked back to a large furry animal that he was running towards him with a stick in it's mouth. Gilbert smiled brightly pet the animal and through the stick as the animal ran after it, he did this again and again for about an hour, then he said "Alright Hans! Go home I'll be through soon!" the animal did as it was told and ran towards a castle,'Wow it's as big as mine.' I decided to swim closer and swam to the rock from when I dropped him on the beach. Gilbert stood in ocean with water going to his waist and just looked around. I saw his lips moving,but couldn't tell what he was saying. I decided to swim closer to him

 *Gilbert's P.O.V*
   After I told Hans to go home I walked into the ocean far enough that it went waist. I looked around to see if I could find her, "I wonder if I'll see her again soon...I hope I do" I stood in the ocean for probably about 20 minutes before starting to walk back home.Just before I turned around to walk back home I heard a splash, I turned around and saw nothing and put it off. For the second time trying to turn around I heard more splashes I turned around and there she was. She was sitting in the water,deep enough that I couldn't see her lower body. She was wearing a (f/c) bra that looked like it was made of seaweed and clams, I blushed from her blatant exposure of her torso, her beautiful (h/c) hair was soaked part of it was hanging in front of her face. She saw me staring at her face and realized all her hair was in her face,adorably blushed and moved it behind her ear letting me see her whole face.  

  She was so beautiful she had flawless (skin color) skin, full pink lips and sparkling (e/c) eyes.We stared at each other for a while before I slowly started to walk towards her,she flinched at my sudden movement and I froze. In a quiet voice not to scare her "Don't worry" I slouched down to get closer to her level since she was somehow sitting even though on me the water went past my waist "I won't hurt you" she looked at me with a suspicious look,but then nodded. She bit her lip, she stretched out her, her long fingers curling in and out, I didn't know what she meant by this, she saw my confusion and with her other hand grabbed the one that was outstretched and held it for a moment and then let it go stretching it towards me. I nodded and did what she showed me "N-Now what?" I stuttered,she grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to her surprisingly with much strength and ease. The water was now to my chest but she still looked as if she was seating, she turned over to see my palm and slowly traced her cold fingers across it,making me shiver by her touch.She looked and traced the lines on my palm,looked at me,smiled brightly and nodded. I smiled and gently pulled her hand towards me,she got closer with a small light pink blush on her cheeks, I put her hand to my lips and kissed her soft hand. She blushed bright red,with her hand still in mine "That is how we greet beautiful woman in my kingdom" she blushed even more "I'm a prince," I pointed behind me,"That's my kingdom" She looked up at me and pointed to herself nodding. I smiled, "You have a kingdom as well?" she nodded again "Are you the princess?" smiled and nodded quickly. "Master Gilbert! Please come inside,you'll catch a cold it's almost sundown!" I frowned and sighed "One moment!" she looked scared,"What's wrong?" she pointed to the beach with Arthur standing there "What Arthur?He's harmless!" she shook her head and looked at with sad eyes,then she took her hand out of mine and went underwater. I stood there looking out to the sea,"I lost her again and walked back to the beach.

Maybe I'd see her again, hopefully soon.

Your P.O.V.

I swam home extremely fast "Oh my gosh! He talked to me! And I touched his hand! He had such amazing future lines! About love and wealth! And then he kissed my hand! Today is so great!" I giggled joyfully as I swam home.

Narrative P.O.V

 Little did you know that your life was about to change...forever.          
Here is chapter 4! I'm really proud of this one!
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