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January 22, 2013
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       Once upon a time, there was little mermaid princess. She was an adorable little mermaid at the time she was only six years old, she had (h/l) (h/c) hair that would float gracefully above her head when she was in the water and swiftly behind her when she was swimming, She had a (f/c) tail. She had 3 older sisters, Natasha,Katyushka and Lily, the three of them as equally beautiful as the last.Lily was eight years old when (Name) was six years old, she had short straight blonde hair and she was sweet,kind but also shy to everyone and had a lavender tail.Natasha had long silver/blonde hair, and was ten years old at the time, she was beautiful but harsh to others and was protective of her all her sisters even her older one and had a navy blue tail. Katyuska had short blonde hair and bubbly attitude when she wasn't crying or worried and had a light blue tail. All four of the princesses were also amazing singers because of their father's wishes

    Their parents, Roderich and Elzaveta were both gorgeous and obviously were the children got their beauty. Roderich the king of the sea, had puffy but contained chocolate brown hair, and indigo eyes,he loved the musical arts and that all his daughters were beautiful singers pleased him greatly and he had strong dark red tail. Elizaveta had similar long and thick brown hair that was gracefully flowing as she swam around with her long sleek light green tail.

    One day while they were out on the rocks above water far enough on the beach away from the human town near by not to be seen,(Name) had gotten curious and decided to try out her trained swimming skills. She swam off when her family wasn't attention and swam to close to human town's part of the beach and she saw a boy with his parents. He looked about the same age as her with white hair and blood red eyes, she was amazed by his looks that she didn't notice that they were getting closer to the spot were she was floating. The boy looked towards her direction and got a glimpse of the beautiful girl in front of him before what seemed like to him she had started to drown.

    (Name) had simply been pulled underwater by her mother,because they were mermaids they could speak as easily underwater as above. "(Name)! You must never ever let a human see you, if they do they will want to capture you for your beauty and make you find the rest of us.All they want to do is harm us and make us into food. Do you understand dear?" "Yes mommy." She smiled and grabbed your small hand in her larger one and swam back to the rocks where the rest of the family was still playing.

    While the family was playing they didn't notice the large wave coming towards them. Until it was too late. Roderich was twirling around Lily and (Name) so their upper bodies were above water and their tails under. Natasha was having her hair braided by Katyushka and Elizaveta was putting near by flowers in Katyushka's hair. Roderich looked up because it had seemed the sky had gotten darker, but instead of stormy clouds he was greeted by a giant tsunami. "Liz!" Roderich shouted and Elizaveta looked up in shock saw the huge wave. "Girls go underwater now!" Katyushka and Natasha quickly did as there were told. Roderich picked up Lily and (Name) and successfully gotten Lily underwater but (Name)'s tail had been tangled in nest of seaweed. "Mommy! I'm stuck" Elizaveta quickly turned around and helped her youngest daughter out of the tangle and had her go underwater,but didn't get the chase to herself. Before she could get underwater the tsunami hit her body against the rocks an killed her instantly.

    Underwater Roderich was making sure all four of his daughters had made it underwater, he saw three and turned around to see (Name) quickly swimming down towards them."Daddy! Mommy isn't swimming down!" Roderich looked terrified and saw that the tsunami had resolved it self and gone down. He quickly swam up to see his wife's lifeless body on the sprawled against the rocks. "No,no.NO!PLEASE NO!NOT LIZ!" He swam right up next to her and saw her eyes were as lifeless as her body. He began to sob against her unknowing that his daughters had swam up silently behind him to see what was going on. Now they were all in background holding each other sobbing for their mother.

 *Time skip to present*

  You were 18 years old,it had been twelve years since your mothers accident that left you and your sisters motherless and your father a widower. . You tried not to think about it much you hated the thought that the reason your mother was gone was because of you,everyone that you told dismissed it and said it wasn't,but you always had it in the back of your mind.The one thing that you did think about was the boy you saw on the beach that day. You always wondered who he was and what his life was like as a human. You were always curious what it was like yo be a human,to have legs,to walk naturally instead of swim and to dance and run. Most of your questions were about legs and what it felt like to have them.

 Your P.O.V.
 I was swimming through a graveyard of sunken human ships and I had searched for trinkets out of a few of them,but my true goal was human ship that looked like a royal type of ship. I wasn't even supposed to be here it was forbidden to be here since this were sharks and eels and other evil sea creatures lived,but I was always the curious type that never did what I told. I finally reached the ship and swam through an opening in a broken window.

It was a captains room of some sort and it was extremely cluttered with maps and silver things. "Jackpot!" I thought said to myself, I started looking through all the selves and found a medal type rod that one fat end and one small end with glass in each end I looked through the small end and out large one I saw far off into the ship. "Awesome!" I put it my bag and kept looking, I saw another medal thing that looked like mouth opening with a pointy end on one side and wooden stick with paint or some type of mineral at the end of it. I put it to the map and the wooden part made lines on the map, "This place is great!" I decided it was about time to leave, but I saw another map under the one I drew on. It was a map of a country called 'Prussia' and next to it the sea said 'Arctic Ocean' this must be the country on the beach because I live here in the Arctic Ocean.

    I put it in my bag and turned around to swim back. Instead of open space I was greeted by a wicked smiling shark. 'Oh,crap' I thought to myself,"Well,well,well, isn't it Princess (Name).What are you doing so far out away from your perfect little castle? Don't you have silly little convert to be singing at with your other princess sisters?" 'Crap! I forgot about the concert!Dad's going to kill me!' "I was just leaving,so why don't you just swim aside and I'l be on my way?" "Nice try girly!" He opened his mouth so I could see all of his crooked razor teeth and sped up towards me. I quickly swam aside just as he was swimming by me,"Ya' know even if you did kill me,my father would find out and you would be hunted and killed for murdering a royal" "Shut up,meat!" He swam towards me again,luckily I found a big enough window for me to swim through. I swam through the window just as he reached me and his stupid shark face got stuck in window. "Ha,Ha!Later Loser!"  

I tightened the grip on my bag and reluctantly swam home."Dad's going kill me for missing another concert! Maybe the shark would've been easier to deal with",but I swam forward      


Here is chapter one as requested by [link]! I hope you enjoy!!
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FMAandKHfangirl Jan 22, 2013  Student Filmographer
Gah! Now I'm getting flash backs of the Prequel they made for the Little Mermaid and how much I cried when they showed how Ariel's mother died!!! :iconcraiplz:
Shuru10 Jan 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
WOW. You write these stories FAST. O__O I mean FAST. :O :iconshockplz:

This fits so perfectly!! :D All the characters and such!! :iconloveloveplz:

Awwww... Poor Hungary. :( :iconcryingplz:
yeah i'm pretty good at thinking of a story and type pretty fast and thank you so much!
And I yes i was very sad while writing Hungary's death but she doesn't have a mother i in movies or the original book so :icontearplz:
I have a lot of free time after school when I get home so I'll frequently be writing them!
You inspired me to try and make my own :) you are that good~
Yeah! :) i already have an Idea!
omg great! What is it?
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