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January 23, 2013
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    I thankfully slipped into bed before anyone woke up,so when I got into my bedroom I quietly slipped into my extremely comfortable bed and quickly fell back asleep and slipped into my dreams.

I was on the beach,in the exact spot that I put Gilbert. I looked around and everything was much brighter than it would be in reality I had trouble seeing. I looked down and I had human legs! And I was covered in a messy dress made of a ships sail and rope. I tried to get up and try walking I stumbled with wobbly legs and slowly took one step at a time, I heard a voice in the distant I couldn't tell what they were saying clearly,but it sounded a little like my name I turned around and saw a man towards. Because in the dream everything was way too bright I couldn't see his face most likely because he was so pale and same with his hair,but I could see his eyes and they were blood red. "Gilbert!" I started to wobbly walk towards him,but I heard splashes behind in the ocean and turned my head. The water was changing colors from blue to black and finally to red, the tide touched my leg and I saw that the water wasn't just red,it was blood. Then a giant black tentacle stretched out of the ocean and towards me, it wrapped around my leg and then dragged me into the ocean.

  I jolted out my bed and started to scream. My father was in my room getting all my sisters up, they all looked at me and my father swam to me and held me. "Shh,Shh,it's okay. It was only a dream,you're safe now." I started to sob into his shoulder "T-The ocean was blood,a-and a tentacle dragged me in" I held him back, he pet my hair trying to sooth me back to calm and my sisters helped as well by rubbing my back.

Gilbert's P.O.V.

I was thinking about that girl again. I almost always thought about her, the first time I saw her I was a child, so was she and she was beautiful even back then. I saw her swimming near the part of the beach my parents and I were walking on, she was dragged down and I thought she drowned,but when my father went to see there was no one there. Later on that day there was a giant wave and after it cleared I heard a man screaming and children crying.After that I didn't see her for another twelve years,last night first I saw her in a rail hole space, looking at the party we were having for my 19th birthday,she was even more beautiful than when I first saw her. When she noticed me running towards her she looked scared and jumped off the railing,when I looked down I saw no one in the water,again she made me think she drowned. A short time later when the ship caught on fire and I fell into the water unconscious I believe she was the one that look me to shore. When I woke up she was very close to me,she was so gorgeous.Unfortanley when she heard Arthur calling me she gasped and jumped into the ocean, I could've sworn she had a fish tail instead of legs, but I dismissed the silly thought. All I wanted in the world was to talk to her and thank her for saving my life and even if it was foolish,marry her.

There was knocking at my door,"Come in!" There stepped in my parents,my mother looked as if she had been crying for hours and my father looked solemn. My mother rushed towards me and hugged me tightly and started to cry into my chest since she was much shorter than me. "Oh thank goodness! We were so worried!" I hugged her back "Don't worry mother I perfectly fine" My father walked up and joined the hug "We are so glad you're okay. We thought...we thought that something horrible happened to you" "Like I said, I'm fine father.Look at me," I stepped back "still as awesome as always" my mother laughed while wiping away tears and my father chuckled "We are just happy to have you here and alive" my mother made me lean down and kissed me on the cheek and my father ruffled my hair,then left.

I decided to take a nap before dinner. I started to dream, I was in the water and the girl was there. She was swimming towards me extremely faster than any human I've seen. As she finally reached me I saw she had a beautiful (f/c) fish tail. I was about to scream out of shock, she swam up to me putting her long elegant finger on my mouth,with a graceful voice "You'll loose air,we don't want that" and she smiled and I nodded. She started to lean her face closer to me, just before our lips touched she backed away and looked terrified. She started to look around her and the ocean I turned around and saw that the ocean was changing into from blue to black and then to red. I looked down and felt the red water all over and found out it wasn't red water it was blood. I turned back to her and she looked at me with horror in her eyes she touched my face and I put my hand on her much smaller one. There was something black in the distance coming towards her, it was a tentacle it wrapped itself around her tail and quickly yanked her away out of my grasp. She was screaming and I tried to swim after her,but she was leaving to fast and eventually I felt a tentacle around my leg and it yanked me back. I was jumped up from bed in a cold sweat. Arthur was knocking on door "Sir, dinner is ready" "Y-Yes, a-alright I'll be right out!" I got up changed my sweat drenched shirt and went to the hall and walked to our dining room for diner.

Your P.O.V.

 I had calmed down much more from my dream and now my sisters and I were brushing our hair and getting ready for the day. We always had to look our best because we were the princesses of the ocean. I was humming a love song while putting a flower clip into my hair. All my sisters were whispering to each other,"What's with the humming (Name)?" Lily remarked,"No reason, I'm just happy I calmed down from my nightmare" "Sure..." they all said sarcastically.Natasha spoke up "If you were happy about calming down you would be humming a happy or calming song, but you were just humming a love song and we all know what that means..." they looked at with happy expression and in unison shouted "YOU'RE IN LOVE (NAME)!" "N-N-No i'm not shut up!" I blushed and furiously brushed my hair. "Oh yes you are! So who is it? Is it that cute merman that's the son of that older,but handsome duke?" "Or is it that cute merman knight! You know the one that fought off those sharks when they tried to attack the castle?" "No, and No! He was our age when that happened and that was years ago!"  "Well you never know he might still be cute!" Natasha giggled. "I am not going to tell you!" and I swam away leaving them guessing. They would never guess in a million years that I was in love with a human.

Narrative P.O.V.

 Unknowing to you,but you were being followed by two creatures that would change your life for the better and the worst      

Chapter 3!!
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Shuru10 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I have a feeling the merman knight was Russia. O__o

The thing is, every time Austria appears, I think of him as Triton. Triton = Muscles, Triton = Austria, Austria = Muscles? So now in my mind, I have a shirtless buff Austria as a merman. .__. AWESOME. XD
Pokepal5 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2013  Student
Nah, it was probably Batman. Triton = Muscles and awesome, Triton = Batman, Batman = Muscles and awesome. I said PROBABLY.
drpepperbabe Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013
hhehehe omg yeah
CuboneGirl21 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Holy sea kelp Batman!
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