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February 6, 2013
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    Gilbert's P.O.V.
 I was looking out to the ocean and leaning off the railing in the courtyard outside. (Name) and I had gotten hoe,Sophie and Arthur got us dry clothes and made sure we warm before letting us do anything. Arthur came up behind me clearing his throat letting me know he was behind me, "SO I'm guess you're day was good with..." "(Name),I found out her name" "A beautiful name to fit a beautiful girl" "It really is",he smiled at me "You know she might not be the mystery girl you've been talking about,but she might be just as amazing" "About that I think she might be..she looks exactly like her and she's... she's amazing and beautiful.." Arthur smiled and nodded towards (Name)'s window and shook his head walking away. I smiled and saw (Name) in her night gown sitting in front of her mirror brushing her hair,smiling peacefully.

 I was about to walk to (Name)'s window,but then I heard a beautiful voice,singing. I went to the railing and I could barely make out a female figure strutting down the beach in a long elegant dress and something almost blindingly light. The light started to grow brighter and brighter I wanted to look away,but I couldn't I was struck in place. The light started to grow and make a stream coming towards me I wanted to run and go protect (Name),but I couldn't move at all like I was cemented to the floor. The stream of light was right in front of me. The last thing I saw was a blinding yellow light and then blackness.

 Your P.O.V.
*time skip to next afternoon*
 I was in my room when I heard splashes outside and knew it was my sisters. I ran up to the window and saw them in the water "Were so happy for you!" I titled my head and looked at them with confusion. "Don't act like you don't know already!" Natasha yelled "Maybe he hasn't officially asked her yet!" I seriously didn't know what they were talking about,"Prince Gilbert is getting married to his mystery true love!"If I could scream I would.

 I burst through the door and ran quickly downstairs to the main ball room, I saw Gilbert I was about to jump into his arms until I saw a woman snuggling onto his arm. I felt like I was struck down by lightening. She had long pitch black hair and almost neon purple eyes,that behind it at first glance was pure evil. Arthur was standing in front of them, "Well Gilbert it looks like you finally did this mystery girl and she exists! When would you like the wedding preparations to be ready?" "By sundown today, I need to be married to Ivana has soon as possible",no it can't be! Ivan! Honestly for an all powerful evil sea warlock he could've pick a better fake name. I look at Gilbert his normal handsome and cheerful face was now emotionless and his sexy voice was now monotone. I could feeling tears forming in my eyes. I looked down to...Ivana and she saw me,her eyes stilted like a snakes and she gave me an evil smirk. I ran behind Arthur,out the front door to the beach and to my sisters.

 They all were waiting for me outside with happy faces until they saw my red flushed and teary face. I sat in front of them on the beach and pulled my knees to my face and started to silently sob.They quickly turned to grim expressions and scooted onto the beach,Katyushka held me "(Name) what's wrong?I thought you'd be happy and talking again!" I shook my head slowly with a shaking hand wrote in the sand 'Ivan changed himself into a woman and put Gilbert under a spell so he thinks she's his true love,they're getting married at sundown' They all gasped and changed from grim to angry expressions "Today's the third day! After today you'll have to stay with Ivan forever!We have to stop the wedding!" Katyushka yelled angrily. We all looked up and saw the wedding ship set said and the sun would go down soon,"Alright Katyushka! You take (Name) and get her to the ship, me and Natasha will get sea creatures to sabotage the wedding and if it starts before we get there do anything to stall it until we do!" Lily yelled, we all nodded and jumped  into the ocean, I wrapped my arms around Katyushka's neck and she started to quickly swimming towards the ship.

 We soon reached the ship and found a opening in a window that I could fit through. I squeezed inside and landed in the are of the ship they keep cargo, I quietly slipped through boxes so the crewmen wouldn't see me and think I was stowaway. I was on the deck and i heard a few older couples talking to each other about how Prince Gilbert was FINALLY getting married,not if i can help it. I went down stairs to the area where Ivana would be getting ready.

 I was looking through small openings in doors before i heard maniacal I slowly opened the door to make sure she didn't know I was here. "Yes!This is going beautifully soon I'll own that little mermaid brat and then her daddy will do anything to get her out of my possenion even by giving me the kingdom and then I'll get exactly what I deserve!" She started to laughing even more evilly, I tripped making the door squeak loudly and her quickly turn around with anger on her face.  I was laying on the floor from tripping and propped myself on my elbows, she looked down at me with pure hatred. Her features started to flash in and out of being a woman to a man and then finally turned back into the original pale blonde monster he truly was. He picked me up by the collar of my dress so we were eye to eye,"I know it's not my best work,but because your silly little date last night I didn't have much time to work on my female appearance and  I guess you just heard my whole plan" I slowly nodded and glared with him with as much hatred as he gave me, he tilted his head and laughed "Well look at you!Trying to be all menacing! It's almost cute...almost.Nice try brat,but that doesn't work on me. And you know what else won't work?You trying to stop me from taking over the ocean! And you know what I'm going to do after I have all control? I'm going to kill you,your father and all your sisters,just like i did your beloved mother!" I looked at him with shock,"And you know just because i'm feeling extra evil today I'll make you watch me marry your true love and then... I'll kill him!" he said the last part like it was a everyday occasion,which with him it probably was. Music from the deck started playing,he snapped his fingers and he was back to being his fake female self,she had a giant poofy wedding dress,he looked down and frowned "Like I said i didn't get much time to work on it,but hell I'd still marry me!" he laughed at his own joke,grabbed my hair and pulled me upstairs,but let go of me so no one would see. He was greeted by Arthur and was walked down the isle.

 I went to the railing and saw my sisters, "Has it started yet?" I nodded and pointed to the wedding, Ivana was already standing next to Gilbert.They frowned "Don't worry,we got a pretty big animal army!" I looked at saw a mob of seals, dolphins and even seagulls swimming and flying towards us. Lily swam to them and started to order them to get ready. Seals jumped onto the deck and started to chase guests starting chaos and seagulls started to attack the other guests. Two seals scooted to Ivana and started to push roughly in between the two of them making a game out of it and seagulls started to attack her pecking at her hair making it a tangled mess and tearing her dress apart. I saw a seashell shaped necklace around her neck that was glowing, I caught a seagulls attention and pointed to it and then pointed to myself. It nodded understanding the order and swooped down and yanked the necklace from her neck and flew down and gave it to me. I threw it on the ground and stomped on it shattering it, "NO!"  A bright light exploded from it, the light went to my throat and inside it made a sound like my voice,but singing. It then went to Gilbert,he blinked and steadied himself trying not to fall, "Wh-What's happening-(Name)! Are you alright!" "Gilbert!" I yelled, I could yell again! "(Name) you can talk again!" He ran to me embracing me in his arms, he started to pull me into a kiss before the sun went down, I felt a ripping pain in my legs like they were being torn apart I fell down from the pain,but Gilbert caught me. I looked down and saw instead of my human legs there was my fish tail, Gilbert looked shocked "(Name) you're a...a mermaid?" "Gilbert I'm sorry I was going to tell you,but I couldn't-" "Well isn't this cute! It makes me want to puke!" We looked in the direction of the voice and saw Ivan in his original form with shreds of fabric around him. He scooted towards me and grabbed me out of Gilbert's arms. "Sorry we had to cut the wedding short ,but honestly you're not my type" He cackled and threw me into the ocean and then jumped in afterwards.

 "Come one brat!" he grabbed my arm and was about to yank me back to his cave before we heard "IVAN!" we looked and saw my father angrily swimming towards us,"Father!" I swam up to him,but before I could reach him and hug him Ivan yanked me back next to him. "IVAN YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE BANISHED NOT TRICKING MY DAUGHTER FOR YOUR OWN BENEFIT!" "I might have tricked your daughter,but it wasn't just for my benefit alone. It was for all the creatures you've banished because they didn't fit your description of perfect!" "Those who were banished were banished for a reason Ivan! You should know that,you murdered dozens of innocent merpeople!" "OH! Like your beloved wife?" he smirked "WHAT?!" "That's right! That horrible tsunami that killed your wife and mother of your daughters.. was caused by me!" He raised his Triton and it started to glow and flash,but before he could kill Iva, Ivan's eels got in the way and were killed themselves. "MY BABY BOYS!" Ivan gently grabbed their ashes and then looked at him with hatred, "You can't take back your daughter you know... She signed a lawful contract saying in three days didn't kiss her true love she would belong to me!" He held up the contract that I signed,my father looked at it and then looked at me with sadness in his eyes "Father I'm so sorry I never knew this would all happen!" "Shut up brat!" Ivan turned around and slapped me, I fell onto the reef next to me, my father tried to swim to me,but Ivan stopped him, "There is one way you could get your daughter back,Rodierich, you could go in her place" My father looked at him,at me,then back at him "Fine...I'll do it" still holding my bruised face I yelled "Father no!",but I was too late he had signed the contract.

  My father started to shrink into one of the creatures I saw at Ivan's cave, his crown and Triton dropped to the reef. Ivan grabbed the Triton and put on the crown an started to laugh, he pointed the Triton towards me, but before he could kill me, he was struck by a harpoon, I turned around and saw Gilbert holding his breath looking hatefully at Ivan. "Gilbert get out of the water,he'll kill you!" Gilbert looked at me and was about to object,before I swam up to him and pushed him up to the surface. "I can't loose you (Name)! Not again!" He grabbed my face and crashed his lips onto mine, I quickly returned the kiss and it grew passionate,but we were interrupted by a giant golden spike   growing in between us. It was a spike from a giant crown,we both fell into the water, I looked up and saw that Ivan had grown to become about 20 feet tall, he held the Triton up and was summoning sunken ships that had started to rise from the bottom of the ocean. He created a whirlpool, grabbed me and flung me into it where I hit the rocky floor hard as well as my sisters. He pointed the Triton down to use and started to shoot, we all dodge barely dodge each burst of lightening. 'Oh God this is the end... I hope Gilbert lives at least' I thought to myself.

  Gilbert's P.O.V.
 I was passionately kissing (Name),when we were separated by a giant golden spike. I crashed into the water, I quickly swam to the surface and saw the monster that changed (Name)'s father into the creature and hit her was now a giant and the sky was filled with black storm clouds and flashing lightening. He grabbed (Name) and flung her into a whirlpool as well as three girls I'm guessing were her sisters and started to shoot the Triton at them. I saw broken ships that had been worn down from the ocean swirling around him, I climbed onto one that almost hit me and started to drive it out the current and towards him. I formed a plan, the head of the ship was broken into a jagged point I decided to use it like a knife and would stab him while he was paying attention to the (Name) and her sisters . 'I hope I do this in time and (Name) is alive at the end of this.' I thought to myself and started to drive the ship towards the monster.

 He was currently shooting and looking down the whirlpool, his body was turned so that the head of the ship was pointed at his stomach, the waves pushed the ship quickly towards him and soon the ship pierced the monster's body making it make this horrible dying sound. It started to shrink to it's original size and then fell dead into the ocean. The whirlpool cleared and I saw (Name)'s sisters swimming around. "Where is (Name)? Is she okay?" I asked them worriedly, they all gave me a horrified look,but one with short blonde hair and green eyes spoke up, "She's alive,but as soon as the whirlpool cleared she swam  away" I sighed, "Thank you" I jumped into the ocean and started to slowly swim back to shore,two of them grabbed my arms and started to help me swim to shore "We thought we'd help you get back home,since our sister is in love with and you're not like other humans" "T-Thank you,again" they smiled and the two holding my arms swam with me as the other with long blonde hair guided them.

 *Time Skip to next day*

 Your P.O.V.
  I was looking out to the beach as I saw Gilbert standing there looking out to the ocean probably looking for me.  I saw my father and sisters floating behind me, they all looked sad, I wearily smiled at them trying to cheer them up with out much luck since I was sad too. My father swam up to me "(Name)..." "Yes Father?" "You know I love you right?" "Of course!" "You know your sisters love you too?" "Yes!" "Then... I just want you to remember we will always love you (Name)...always" He looked as if he was about to start crying, I jumped into the water next to him and hugged him. He let me go and I started to glow, and felt my fin being changed, I looked down and then at him with shock "Father..." He smiled at me with tears running down his face, I looked at my sisters they were crying as well. I looked down again and saw I had human legs now. I was wearing a beautiful elegant (f/c) dress. "(Name) you'll be a human forever now. If you ever want to see us again just come down to the ocean," he handed me a small piece of coral "And blow this and we'll know you want to talk to all of us" I hugged him tightly with joyful tears running down my face. I wasn't too far off of shore so I was able to run onto shore. Gilbert was still there and he saw me and ran towards me, he picked me up and twirled me around in his arms, he brought me down,looked me in the eyes and then gently kissed me. "I finally found you, and I'm never going to loose you again (Name) Ich liebe dich für immer und ewig " I looked at him with confusion and he softly chuckled "It means  love you forever and always" "I love you too Gilbert" I grabbed his face and kissed him passionately.

 *time skip*

 Your P.O.V.
I was at the beach with Gilbert and our new baby daughter that I had given birth to  four days ago, I grabbed the coral horn I kept with me always and blew it, Gilbert looked confused,the sound could only be heard by mermaids, our daughter Rosemary stirred slightly,she was half mermaid,but looked whole human. A few minutes later I saw my father and sisters come swimming towards us, "Hello (Name)" He kissed my forehead "Hello Gilbert" he nodded politely at him. They all looked at the small bundle in my arms "Is this.." "Yes,this is you're new baby granddaughter and niece, Rosemary" He started to get teary eyed,just like Gilbert had done when she was born. We spent all day together, holding her and talking together. Me and Gilbert had been married for about a year now and we had been living happily ever after.                              
Here it is! And I'm sorry this is so long! but i'm really happy how this turned out! My next one will be a Tangled parody! please favorite and comment
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