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January 22, 2013
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 *Your P.O.V.*
I was waiting in the garden for Gilbert to arrive to the house,and waiting for Liz to hopefully get him here without Katyushka noticing. I was in a flowing (f/c) dress that made me look like a colorful river of fabric and elegance. Liz put my hair in a flowing up do to match my dress,we decided to go with natural make-up so we only put eyeliner and light gold eye shadow, and compact to cover the bruise. I heard rustling in the bushes and turned around.

Gilbert's P.O.V.

 (Name)'s house was a large enough house so it took us a while to get to the garden. The girl who told me her name was Elizaveta led me through the garden to a wall of bushes, "Just walk through there and you'll she her" "Thank you so much Elizaveta,after this is over any request and it's yours." "I'm just glad (Name) finally finds someone." She smiled and ran off. I looked through the bushes and I saw her from behind in a beautiful dress,from what I could see from her face,she looked very worried and I knew why.Most likely because the woman that hurt her was in the house and could find us any moment.

  I parted the bushes enough for me to walk through and she quickly turned around. A second felt like an eternity, we just looked at each other for a moment,then she got teary eyed and we ran towards each and I held her in my embrace and she looked up at me. She was crying,I started to wipe away the tears. "I'm so happy I found you (Name)" "I was so afraid you wouldn't and we would never see each other again." "That would never happen I would look for you my entire life if I had to" we looked at each other one more time and then our lips crashed on to each others. It felt amazing to feel the softness of her lips against mine and the scent of her with me again, to feel her body against mine and the feeling of her fingers intertwined in the locks of my hair.

 "(Name)! What are you doing!?" we both parted and turned towards the voice. There stood her mother and she was extremely angry. She walked towards us and raised her hand to probably hit (Name) again, before she could touch her I brought out my sword and put it between us. "Don't you dare touch her!" She looked shocked "Why would you care she's just a servant!" "No she's not!" We all looked towards an angry Elizaveta, "She's your step daughter! Even if you didn't give birth to her, she still deserves the same amount of respect as me and Natasha. (Name)'s father told you that and you made her slave!" Katyushka scowled Elzaveta and walked towards her and was about to hit her, but Francis and Antonio brought out their swords and pointed them at her. Katyushka stopped in her tracks and sighed,still with an angry look on her face. "At least one of my daughters is going to marry royalty " "I am NOT your daughter" (Name)shouted.

*Time Skip*

We were at the castle and Katyushka was arrested. "You are under arrest for the assualt of a royal" the guard said as well as reading her rights. (Name) and I started to walk hand in hand.
  "Now (Name), my parents want to meet their future daughter in law" "What?! No I can't I'm not ready! What am I supposed to say or do or-" I cut her off my put my lips onto her. "Don't worry so much, just talk to them like you did when we met, and they'll love you almost as much as I do" She smiled and nodded,then we walked into the Throne Room together. "Father,Mother, I would like you to meet (Name) (Last Name) my bride to be" My mother got up from her throne and ran over to her and gave her a bear hug almost tipping (Name) over. (Name) looked very surprised,but a moment later she returned the hug. "I'm so happy to welcome you to our family! You have no idea how long we've wanted Gilbert to find a beautiful girl like yourself to marry! Now dear what's your name, Gilbert forgot to mention it" the last part she gave me a side ways look and looked back to (Name) "Oh! I'm (Name) (Last Name)!And I'm very honored to become part of your family!" My father walked up to me, "She is very beautiful and kind I can already tell.I'm so happy you finally found someone to fall in love with." "Thank you father" We smiled and I turned around to (Name) and my mother who was talking about wedding arrangements.

*Time Skip*
          *Narrative P.O.V.*

 A few days later you and Gilbert were married and a few years after that you had two beautiful children a boy and a girl named Micheal and Rosemary.

 Later on you kept in touch with Liz again you were like true sisters to each other. Her and Roderich were soon married after your own wedding and they had two handsome sons and beautiful daughter of there own.

    And you all lived happily ever after.

                                        The End.        

Here is the last chapter! Also i'll most likely do only PrussiaxReaders since he is my favorite,but you can send me request when I make a journal entry about making requests of any country you want!! And I'm so sorry this sooooooooo short
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Luka2Rin03 Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
That was wonderful. Why can't life have happily ever afters like that 
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AW....;w; I feel bad that Ukraine had to be the bad one...along with Belarus. But hey, what else could you do?
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I love this ending! :D
WannaBeATomato Featured By Owner May 5, 2013
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