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January 21, 2013
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 *Narrative P.O.V.*
    (Name) stood there in shock from what Gilbert had said to her,'How could he be in love with me? We've just met and he's a prince! And could it be that...I might feel the same way about him' You felt him wrap his arms around (Name)'s waist and he pulled her in,so  their bodies were pressed against each other and he smashed his lips onto hers.She quickly started to return the kiss,just as it started to get more passionate and you were moving your hands to run your hands in his hair,the clock tower rang loudly telling everyone that it was midnight.

 (Name) pulled back from the kiss and gasped,turned around and ran away from Gilbert. "Wait!" he started to run after you, you were already running down the stairs into a (2nd f/c) carriage. "Please,wait!",but you were already in the carriage driving away.

 Gilbert looked down at the stairs and saw that you had lost one of you shoes ,that was (f/c) with the toe encrusted with diamonds. He picked it up "It's just like my dream. Gott verdammt! Why did Ludwig wake me up?"

  Francis and Antonio ran towards their friend "What was all of that about?" Francis questioned "Yeah who was that girl?" "She's the girl I want to marry,I have to find her.You guys have to help me too!" "What?!" they both said in unison "I would do the same if it was one of you! Please I love her! And she might get harmed if we don't save her soon!" "Why would she be harmed?" "Before she got here,she told me someone hit!She had bruise covering her entire cheek,now please before anything else happens to her!" "Fine,we will have to tell your parents" "Yes,I know,but I have to find her!"

             *Your P.O.V*

 I was running away from the man of my dreams, I dread every hurried step I took,but I had to. He could never find out who I really was, an orphaned girl forced to be a servant to her evil stepmother. I jumped into the carriage and it sped off, I could hear him yelling for me to wait, I wanted to jump out the carriage and run back to him, but I just couldn't that's not how it works.

   I tried to tone him and I began to cry into my hands, "Why me?! Why did father and mother have to die and why did father have to marry that evil witch Katyushka and leave her i charge of me and why did Arthur give me all of this just so I could ripped away from me?" "Because,that's my job" I quickly looked up and Arthur was sitting across from me,"it's my job to make dreams come true they just don't always last,but if what I can tell with you and Gilbert have is real,then in some way you two will meet again and leave together for ever" "You really think so?" "Yes"

  You smiled and looked down,in the middle of you two talking your dress had changed back to your normal clothes that you wore everyday.The carriage had started to rot away into a real pumpkin again. You and Arthur jumped out of the carriage as it turned back into a pumpkin and the horses and driver turned back into cats and ran away."Come on love,I'll get you home before your mother does" "Thank you Arthur,hope what you said about me and Gilbert is true"

                       Gilbert's P.O.V

    The girl of my dream had run away from me and I had to find her. All I had to do is convince my parents to let me go and find here.

    I got into the throne room were they were both sitting. "What is it you need dear?" my mother chimed, "Well,mother,father, last night I met someone" They both looked excited and surprised. "I'm sure I'm in love with her,but she ran away and she might be in danger,she had large bruise on her cheek from someone hitting her" they both gasped "I need to find her,so she's alright and so we can..." "So you can get married!" my father cheered "Of course you need all of the carriages we have to find her!" "Actually father,Francis,Antonio and I agreed that we would find her on our own." My father looked as if he was going to protest,but my mother stopped him "Dear,he has to find his true love on his own,we can't have a guard find her and bring her,the poor girl won't know what's going on" my father sat back down 'Yes,you're right. Alright Gilbert,you and your friends will go find this mystery girl! And be sure to bring her to us,we have to meet our future daughter in-law!" "Thank you father and mother I will!" I ran off to go find Francis and Antonio to start looking for her.

                          ~Time Skip~
    We had searched through 3 villages and still hadn't found her. "Maybe,since she wouldn't tell you who hit her she was trying to protect her identity and gave you a fake name" "You're probably right" "Then what else would we use to find her with?" I thought,then I remember that I had brought her slipper so that if I found her I could give it to her, I pulled it out of the box I put it in "Here she dropped her shoe when she was running away"
"Great! Like that's not cheesy as hell" "Shut up Francis!"

          Narrative P.O.V
   You were currently polishing the porcelain floors in the main room,just as you were finishing up with that your stepmother and sisters came downstairs. "Oh,mama have you heard Prince Gilbert is coming into town!" You felt like you had been struck by lightning, 'Oh,God what if he doesn't find me?' you thought to yourself 'Or if he does and Katyushka finds out and hits me again?'

   You tried to keep yourself busy and look like you weren't paying attention and picked up the water bucket and were going to pour it outside. Once you went outside you walked out to the street to pour out the soapy water to you looked down the street and saw a royal carriage only two houses down and you saw ma step out and hid behind the bush. You peeked through the leaves and out stepped Gilbert. You urged to just run to him and kiss him,but you couldn't you were in your ugly rag clothes, you looked terrible! Especially compared to last night. You ran back inside and Katyushka and Natasha were gone,but Elizaveta was still there.

   "Hello (Name)" you saw a devilish grin on her face "H-Hello Liz" you said in a hushed voice,"You know something?" "What?" "There was this girl last night at the ball, she  was in a beautiful dress with beautiful hair and make-up." "Oh, is that right Liz?" "Yes and she looked exactly like you" You couldn't hide any more you looked extremely surprised and you forgot how to breath.She walked up to you and grabbed your hands her in hers "(Name),I don't know how you did it,but I'm so happy for you! I'm mean Prince Gilbert is searching the country for you!" "Please don't tell your mother or Natasha" "Of course!I'm just so happy you finally get a break!" "Thank you!" You tried to run off, "Wait!" you turned around" "You can't meet your true love dressed like that!" You looked down,she was right you were covered in water and dirt. she grabbed your hand rushed you upstairs. She stopped "wait her" she whispered.

  She walked in "I need to get a dress to change in,(Name) is going to help me change before Gilbert gets here" "Fine,whatever" She grabbed a simple (f/c) dress and rushed you into a guest bedroom "How far away is he?" "Probably next door" That meant you only had about 20 minutes to get ready.

 ~Time Skip~
                  *Gilbert's P.O.V*
  I had just walked out of house with a girl that didn't shut up the entire time we were there. "God,she had a mouth on her!" Francis said "I really hope you were talking about how she kept talking,not something perverted" whined Antonio. I didn't care we only had one more house in the village, I started to worry about never finding (Name), "Will guys shut up, we only have one more house before the next village" they both sighed and we walked to the next house with the carriage trailing behind us.

     I knocked on the door and I heard movement before a extremely large breasted woman opened the door."Hello! Come in!" "Thank you." and we all walked in. "Excuse the rudeness of my...servant, she would normally answer the door I don't know where she has run off to" "It's quite alright, we would like to meet your daughters please" "Yes,of course!" She yelled two girls names and two girls I remember dancing with last night walk down. The one will long blonde hair walks up to me first and smiles, I give her a fake smile and go with the routine of having her trying on the shoe, it not fitting,this case her foot is too big and her running to her mother crying.

   The other girl walks forward and removes her current shoe, the shoe from (name) is too small as well, but I remember he excusing herself when (Name) walked in, so when I get she mouths,'she's here' I'm about to saying something but she shakes her head. She points to her mother who is taking care of the other crying sister. She points to the same cheek that (Name) had a bruise on and then looks at her mother. I frown, and tell her to wait a moment, I walked over to Francis and Antonio, "So is she it?Can we go home?" "No" they look disapointed ",but she's here,the brunette over there told me. The mother is the one who hit (Name)" The both frown and look over to the mother "So what do we do?" "Stall the mother and the crying sister.Flirt with them or something just long enough that I can find (Name),then we'll have the mother arrested and me and (Name) can be together" they both nod. As soon as they look distracted I follow the sister to the garden and to find (Name)    


Here is chapter 4!
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