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January 21, 2013
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 *Your P.O.V.*
   It was midday and everyone was getting ready you were currently helping Natasha with her corset. "Tighten it more (Name)! I have to look my best for Prince Gilbert!" You tightened it even more almost to the point that you were sure she was almost going to break a rib. "Perfect! Now make-up and hair!" You started to curl her hair with a hot piece of iron while she did her make-up. You would curl the hair by put it between two pieces of hot iron and twirling it and then releasing it. You were done with helping Natasha and you went off to help Elizaveta,you began to tighten the corset until she said to stop. What you had to do with Elizaveta's hair is to brush it many times since her hair was naturally beautiful.

    You soon finished helping them, you ran up to your stepmother's room and knocked "Yes (Name)?" "Do you need any help Madam?" "Yes,just with the corset" You walked in and started to tighten  the corset which you barely did anything since Katyushka's breasts were so big. She soon dismissed you and you went to the front door and waited for them all to come down.
     Soon all three of them came down and they all looked beautiful with a elegant form fitting green dress for Elizaveta, Navy blue princess style dress for Natasha and a light blue flowing for Katyushka. Natasha and Katyushka were busying making sure they looked perfect in the hall mirror when Elizaveta walked over to you.

    "You know (Name)?" "Yes Madam?"  She grinned "I remember when we used to have so much fun together the three of us girls,and Mama and your father would sit in the garden and smile and we'd all laugh,but then your father..." She trailed off and you both looked grim "I'm so sorry (Name)" "It's not your fault, you couldn't have done anything no could...Liz" She smiled "It's been so long since you called me that" "To be honest (Name), I don't even want to go to this ball" You gave her a surprised look "I don't wan to meet and maybe marry Prince Gilbert, I'm already in love, his name is Roderich,a pianist,amazing pianist" You smiled "Well I know this is strange,but I hope you don't marry a prince but instead you marry a musician" "Thank you" She smiled.

   Katyushka and Natasha walked to the door and were about to walk out with Elizaveta,when you walked out with them and blurted out "What about me?" They all stopped and looked at you with surprise "What do you mean,what about you?" "I-I mean aren't I going to the ball too, you did say all of us were invited" Katyushka frowned,Natasha was barely holding back a laugh and Elizaveta gave you a sad look. Katyushka walked over to you,lifted her hand high in the hair and slapped you so hard it sounded like thunder. You hung in the position of being slapped with your hair covering you shocked and teary eyes. "When I said we were all invited I meant all the people that matter" and walked with Natasha to the carriage,Elizaveta ran up to and tried to make sure you weren't too badly hurt until her mother called her to the carriage.

   You sank to your knees and started to loudly sob out of pain and embarrassment. You tried to wipe away the tears kept rolling out, you looked in the pond next to you and saw that you had large bruise forming on your cheek, you lightly touched it and it throbbed with pain and you started to sob even more.

   Without you knowing a small glowing light began to appear in front of you, it began to grow larger and larger until it was in the form of a man. You finally looked up because of the bright light.After a burst of light a man with short sandy blonde hair,large eyebrows and bright green eyes wearing a white tunic with halo over his head holding a wand with a star on it.
      "Hello! I'm Arthur your Fairygodfather" You sniffed and snapped at him "I am NOT in a mood for pranks so get the hell out" "This is no joke missy! Did you not see the light! I'm the real deal and now i'm your deal" "What the hell do you want then?" "I want to make your dreams come true! By getting you to that ball!" "Really? Well if you haven't seen I looked hell and I have huge bruise on my cheek by my stupid evil stepmother" "Yes! I know, I can fix it!" "How?" "You don't really get the concept of Fairygodfathers do you? With magic!" You raised an eyebrow "Well,okay, I will need some help, like ..uh.. a pumpkin!" "A pumpkin?" "Well do you have another carriage because I'm pretty sure your abusive stepmother took the last one" "True... yeah we have some in the garden" You both ran to the garden as you cut a pumpkin out from the vines and handed it to him."Alright,you might want to stand back" You did as he said and stood back a few feet. You saw him wave his wand over the pumpkin,mumbling something,then a burst of light and then as the light dim down a beautiful (f/c) carriage was in front of you instead of a pumpkin.

   "Alright, do you have any extra horses?" "No,she took the only ones" He stood there thinking for a bit "Wait!What about mice!" "No, we don't keep mice just laying around" "A cat?" You nodded and popped your head out of the cat there was always a few stray cats hanging around the house, you picked two up and gave them to him.He gave you a disgusted look most likely because of there smell "It's the best we got" He sighed and you stood back again.

   The same routine happened until you had a (f/c) carriage,two white horses pulling the carriage and a driver."Now,what to do about that horrible bruise" He walked up to it and almost touched it "Please don't it still really hurts" "Sorry,okay I'm going to make it look like your wearing make-up,the bruise will still be under it all so if you touch it it'll still hurt" You nodded and closed your eyes,behind your closed lids you could see the bright light,"Okay,now the hair and dress" You nodded again and did the same as before. The flash of light then you opened your eyes and looked down and gasped. You were wearing a (f/c) form fitted gown, you had corset but you didn't need very much because you and ELizaveta had almost the same figure,you looked down at your shoes and they were (2nd f/c) with white diamonds shining in the moonlight. You looked in the pond again and your hair was curled so that they were perfect ringlets and you checked your cheek and it was gone now you had perfect complexion. You almost started to cry you were so happy and you looked so beautiful. You ran up to Arthur and gave him a huge hug "Thank you,thank you,thank you so much Arthur!" He hugged you back and let you go "Don't worry deary,there's just one" "Yes?" "Well... the spell it will end at midnight and I'm sorry but that means you only have two hours" "Arthur I could have two seconds and it would still be the most amazing night of my life,you don't know how long since I've been cared about and for" You both smiled and he helped in the carriage and you waved goodbye as the carriage drove off.

 *Gilbert P.O.V*
   Ja,the Ball is as boring as I thought it would be. For about a million times I've had to be introduced to woman bow and dance with them for two minutes then the routine starts again.The girl I'm dancing will won't stop talking,she's kind of pretty I can't remember her name though it like Nat-something. A Butler breaks us up and leads her off and I decide to have a break. I go over to my little brother who is standing near the food table. "Hallo bruder,enjoying yourself?"he says with a smug grin  "I hate you" I glare at him and he grins even bigger and walks off.

 I find Francis and Antonio, Francis who looks like he just got a drink thrown in his face."So I'm assuming that didn't go well" "Non,it went marvelously that's custom in her country when you want to have a one-night-stand" I chuckled, "So amigo,find your bride to be yet?" "Not unless you count toning out a woman while talks a mile a minute for two minutes while waltzing a date,then not even close.I told my parents I couldn't fall in love in with a girl in one night and willingly marry her the next." "Royal parents man,they're all crazy" "More like Royal pains in my ass" we all laughed until I had to go back to dancing and toning out women.

 *Your P.O.V*

  You had just arrived at the castle and were walking up the stairs,when sudden guilt it you like a ton of bricks,'Oh god,what if Katyushka finds me ,she'll hit me again,oh god what if I embarrass myself,I should just go back home and forgot about tonight" You turned around to go back into the carriage but you were greeted by a very angry fairygodfather's face. "What are you doing?" He sternly said "Uh...I was-" "You were going to go back home,after all my hard work and look at you,you look stunning! Now you get in there and live your dream!" He pushed you forwards so you were in the grand hall that led to the ball room. You walked straight ahead until you got into the Ball room. You stopped for a moment, it was huge, the ceilings were at least 100 feet high, the room it self was huge also it was all amazing and it all shined like pearls.

 You slowly entered the room and slowly the whole room went quite and was looking at you.You blushed bright red and decided to go to the closes place you could to escape the balcony.

*Gilbert's P.O.V*

 I was dancing with a very pretty but quite burnett girl, at least she didn't chatter like the other one. In the middle of our dance the entire room went quite and the doesn't happened because this is the biggest room in the castle. Everyone was staring at one girl. She was extremely beautiful,she was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. "I-I'm very sorry Prince Gilbert, I must go" she curtsied and I bowed and she ran off somewhere.

The girl reliesed everyone was staring at her she blushed bright red,which actually was extremely adorable. She ran to the closed thing to hide away at the balcony. i had a flashback from my dream with the girl in front of the balcony, and I reliesed that it was her, the girl from my dream I had to meet her.
  I ran over to the balcony,but I stopped I don't know why,my heart was in my throat and my feet felt like there were cemented the floor I was so nervous.Why was I so nervous I don't get nervous,but I was now. While I was stuck in place I got to really see what she looked like. Her hair was curled into perfect ringlets,she had a beautiful form fitting dress and just so you know she had 10/10 body. Her (e/c) eyes shone in the moonlight and so did her shoes, her shoes had diamonds on them and were shining just as bright as the moonlight. I swallowed my nervous, brushed back my hair and tried to put on my normal awesome guys exterior and started to walk up to her.

  I leaned on the balcony handling just as she did a few feet away, I heard her mumble something about wasting something. I gathered the courage and cleared my throat loud enough to get her attention. She looked at me and I was probably blushing like an idiot,"Oh! I'm sorry!Is this your spot? I can leave if you want" "No! I mean it's fine I prefer company." "Oh,Alright." She smiled and bright smile. She looked and sounded like a angel, I was wrong I'm pretty sure I'm in love with this girl.

 "So...what were you saying before?" "What?" she gave me a adorable confused look "I mean you were mumbling earlier?" "Oh! uh..well, I know it's stupid,but someone said that my dreams were going to come true tonight" "Then what are wasting you here!" "I'm out her on the balcony expecting my destiny to just walk up to me and to make it worse I only have until midnight" "Well,why don't we make the most of your time?" "How?" "Well,we could talk and dance, if that's okay with you" "Yes! I...I would love to talk,no one ever talks with me at home" "Well I bet they're missing out" She blushed and looked away.

We talked and danced when music played all night. "I can't believe I haven't you this,but what's your name?" "(Name) (Last Name),and yours?" I was extremely happy to meet someone that didn't know how I was,but I have to tell her the truth "I'm Prince Gilbert Beilschidmt" Her eyes widened and she moved her hands to curtsy,but I stopped her "Please,there's no need for that" "I-I can't believe I've been talking to Prince Gilbert this entire time,I mean,I'm me and you're well,you"

  I stepped over o her so I was right next to her "Why do you speak of yourself so lowly" "Oh,was I really?" She had a sad look on her face,she went to touch her right cheek which was facing me,but when her fingertips touched the skin she flinched. I got extremely worried,so I put my hand gently on her cheek and rubbed off some of her make-up."Ow,ow!" "I'm sorry" there under her make-up was part of a large purple and blue bruise.I was suddenly outraged "Who did this to you!? I'll have them taken care of" "Gilbert! Don't worry! This is the first time it's happened" "It should have never happened! (Name),tell me who did this and I'll make sure they never hurt you again!" She smiled "Why are you being so nice to me? We just met" At that moment I was dumbstruck and couldn't believe what I said,but I said it "Because I'm in love with you"          


Wow this is really long I'm so so so sorry this is so loooooong
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