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January 20, 2013
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                        *Gilbert's P.O.V.*
  'God I did NOT want to go through with this unawesome ball thing' I thought to myself. 'I mean isn't marriage supposed to be finding your true love that YOU choose and have months even years to get to know each other? Not being forced to find a beautiful and child bearing random woman that your stupid King and Queen parent approved of. I mean why do I have to be oldest why can't Ludwig become king and I become a Lord or whatever and do whatever I want. He's way more responsible than me. I hate this, I hate this so much. You know what just to get my parents back I'm not going to pick a bride I'll come up with something when they ask why, yeah this is full proof' I chuckled to myself and my perfect plan.

   Just then I heard knock at my bed chamber door, "Come in" walked in my two best friends Antonio and Francis, they were princes from our neighboring countries France and Spain. Our parents all were friends as neighboring king and queens so we were friends since we were toddlers. "Bonjour ami" "Hola Gil!" "Hey guys..." "What's wrong Gil,life not princely enough here?" "It's defiantly princely ENOUGH" "Tell us your troubles amigo" "Well,you know this ball that's happening this weekend?" they both nodded "Oui, I bet there will plenty of cute girls there! What's wrong? I thought you would love that" "Normally  I would, but I found out that the ball is for me to find a bride and get married and become a king and become responsible of the country" "Yikes, a lot to but on a guy in one seating eh?" Antonio asked "You have no idea"
   I flopped down on my bed and put my hands on my hands over my face and muffled "This is going to be the worst night of my life!" There was a pause until Francis chimed "Wait,well if you get married right then you get to go on a honeymoon right?" "Ja,so?" "Well,we all know what your supposed to do on your supposed to do on your honeymoon night,right? And even after that you and your wife have to make heirs to the throne and we all hopefully know how you do that" he had a perverted grin on his face and bet so did I because by the end of him talking I had rose up and rested on my elbows and Antonio was blushing as bright as one of his beloved tomatoes "You guys are such perverts!"

                           *Your P.O.V*
   It was almost sundown on Friday night and you had just finished your chores as you heard the bell ring to go up to your stepmother's room. You ran up and knocked "Come in" You walked in "Yes madam?" "Did you finish all your chores?" "Yes" "Clean the living,dining,kitchen,bed rooms and bathrooms?" "Yes" "Cleaned the horse stables?" "Yes" "Feed the horses?" "Yes" "Made sure the food in the kitchen was organized alphabetically?" "Yes" "Clean the dishes?" "Yes" "Wiped the counters?" "Yes" "Good,and make sure to wake up on time tomorrow and help us get ready,tomorrow is a big day" "Yes madam,anything else" "No,you can go to your room now" "Thank you madam"

   You walked upstairs into the attic that was also your bedroom and had an extra room as a bathroom. You undressed and go into your bath tub and let the warm water fix your sore muscles. You started to dream about going to the ball.Honestly for you,didn't even need to meet Prince Gilbert, you just wanted to be allowed out of the house in a pretty dress with your hair and make-up perfect and you just wanted to look pretty you hadn't been allowed pretty dresses and hair since you were little,when your mother and father were still alive. You started to think about them again,but stopped yourself before you started to cry they would hate it if you cried they always did. You cheered yourself up again by thinking about going to the ball and you started to get lost in your thoughts.

   A small,but also big thing was you were being watched,not by a pervert,just by someone magical that would change your life forever.

                             *Gilbert's P.O.V.*
   I was in my giant bath tub,taking a bubble bath and SHUT UP BUBBLE BATHS ARE NICE AND MANLY, relaxing it was one of the only times that i got to be alone no guards, nor butlers or maids helping me with simple tasks I could do myself. I tilted my head and closed my eyes as I started to get lost in my thoughts.
    I felt like I was dreaming, I was in a place that look a lot like a our grand ball room and I was in a very nice suit that was White like my hair and had gold and red tassels on the shoulders. I was alone, wait no I wasn't there was figure at the corner near the balcony, all i could tell was that it was girl because of the beautiful dress. I don't know how it was beautiful it just...was. I felt like it was beautiful because the figure was wearing it. I started to run up to the figure, as she ran down the stairs outside and into a carriage that as soon as the door was closed sped away. I looked down at the stairs and saw a shining object but before I could find out what it was I was woken up by knocking on the door.

    "What?!" "Bruder,you shouldn't stay in the bath so long you will catch a cold, Mother and Father will still make you go to the ball even if you're sick." I sighed "I know,I know.I'm getting out." I pulled the bath plug and got out wrapping a towel around my waist. "Why are you even in my chamber?What do you want?" "Mother wanted me to tell you that your suit for tomorrow had arrived from Italy and it will be brought to you before you go to sleep" "Fine,whatever,why couldn't she just send a servant,instead of you?" "Because,last time we sent a butler or a guard you tried to kill them with your sword that is for some reason in your bathroom and last time we sent a maid you had sex with her" I scoffed "Well, they should hire uglier maids" Ludwig rolled his eyes and walked out of the room.

   Before I went to sleep my suit was delivered to my room by one of our butlers. It was just like the one in my dream. I looked it over and over again,ja, exactly like in my dream. I studied it for a while longer before putting it in my closet and going to sleep. I wonder if the girl will be there tomorrow too.        
Sorry if this one is a little short! I hope everybody thay reads it loves it! Please favorite and comment if you like it!
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Parissimmons Featured By Owner May 30, 2014
SURE~ Gil bubble baths ARE SO manly~...
Pokepal5 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2013  Student
If my fairygod mother is Denmark, then I'm screwed.
Hetalia4Ever99 Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Premonition much? :)
glaceon007 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013  Student General Artist
...why do I think that Norway would make a good fairygod mother? XD It might be England though
Shuru10 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I wonder if my fairy god- mother is England? :iconenglandplz: O__o And YUS. Bubble baths are SOOOOOOO manly. XD
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cant wait for the next chapter!
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